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Our Reddit campaign

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One of the biggest challenges when starting our shop was how to get visitors to our site.

As most new shops/sites we started with building up social accounts.We opened up account at Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest and Twitter and while having a decent following there, it’s though to get some real engagement from that following. Facebook only shows posts only to a handful of fans unless you decide to ‘boost’ a post, but then again, it mostly will give us more likes on a post, not visits or sales.

Instagram is a bit of the same here, with the difference that’s its easier (and cheaper) to reach your fans. But still lots of likes, but not a great deal of real engagement.

We’ve also heard great thing about Pinterest, but just like the others, we see lots of repins and interest, but no real interaction.

Our last hope was Reddit, we’ve heard horror stories about ads on there as Reddit people are very skeptical about any form of ads at all, so we knew it was risky, and the first reactions we got from the Reddit public were VERY skeptical, calling us a scam and comparing us with Chinese trench coats from Alibaba.

This is was our ad:

Reddit ad jomadesignervintage

And these were some of the first reactions:

First reaction ad

Second reaction

third reaction

But just as in a lot of cases it’s usually better to get very negative reactions then no reaction at all, this was our chance to prove we were legit and we did have a good deal for the Reddit community. In our reaction we tried to be open and clear about our coats, we do not sell new trench coats, our trench coats are 20+ years old vintage trench coats, but refurbished and cleaned so they do look like modern/new trench coats.

So these were our reactions to the skeptical first reactions:

Reaction to scam

In this reply to one person directing us to cheap Chinese Alibaba trench coats, we replied with a counteroffer to buy reading glasses for just $8,65 :-)

Reaction to scam

And to be clear, there is nothing wrong with being skeptical at first, it's very good habit when buying things online.

Last reaction

 The ad lead to someone opening up a topic in r/femalefashion:

Asking for information about us. Which was another chance to show our intention and explain a bit about our trench coats. Being honest and open about this seemed to help as people slowly started to give us more positive feedback and even the skeptical people turned around a bit. People were using the ad to as us questions and we got some real engagement out of it.

It didn’t take long before we go our first sale out of it and that followed with an amazing review.

First review jomadesignervintage on Reddit

And shortly after that another very nice review:

Second review on reddit for Jomadesignervintage

More sales followed and we’ve got lots of positive response on our site/concept by the Reddit community. So what did we learn from this campaign on Reddit:

  • Be honest and open to the reddit community, react to every post, positive or negative
  • Have something special to offer for them, don’t try them to sell something they have seen a dozen times before.
  • Use humor, especially on the negative comments, don’t let it end in a discussion that goes back and forth
  • Reward people that take the time to write a positive review

All in all a very positive experience for us and we surely will keep advertising on Reddit in the hope people will find our site with great vintage Burberry trench coats for a very decent and honest price!

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