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7 timeless and iconic trench coat designs

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A trench coat is the most appealing outerwear that introduces the squelch of style in your wardrobe. When you are looking for a clothing item that is both casual and smart, a trench coat has unparalleled versatility. They come in all shapes and sizes, from neutral to textured and colorful elegances they are a timeless classic and a must have in your wardrobe. You may take a lot of time to find your personal favorite from among so many varieties available, but once you have found it, it proves to be your long-lasting investment. They have always remained in vogue since Thomas Burberry evolved them from the strict military apparel. Since then they have become the epitome of fashion.

If trench coat tops the list of your next shopping spree, then check out these 7 timeless trench coats that are the origin of trench fashion and never go off-trend.

AQUASCUTUM TRENCH COAT: John Emary in 1853 developed and patented the brand 'Aquascutum’. The word is derived from Latin referring to a water shield. The trench coat designed under this marque soon caught eyes with its remarkable and striking styles. The Aquascutum trench worn by Margaret Thatcher has revolutionised the brand. This ageless staple is adored by style stars from all the age groups. This chic season’s textured trench is sure to take away your breaths when it makes a grand entry to your previous line-up of trench coats. You can layer this type of trench over any item of clothing for a smart and casual look. This is the timeless and versatile version of the classic style. The perfect-sized silhouette and inimitable color makes it awesome for between seasons.

Aquascutum trenchcoat from 1854

BURBERRY’S GABARDINE COAT: This is where fashion starts; it is the one that initiated everything. Thomas Burberry became a headline overnight at the age of 21 when he invented 'gabardine’. The trench coat is weatherproofed and made out of lightweight fabric. The beige mac trench coat designed by Christopher Bailey and worn by Victoria Beckham has smartly harnessed its heritage with the innate innovation and edginess. This trench coat never fails to amaze us with its picture-perfect and subtle style. The brand has been keeping the populace awe-struck with its new breed of coats for the new season. This trench with its distinctive shape is a nice change from your basic coats. It continues the philosophy of Burberry with its buttoned-up, starch-collared and belted with a stylish look.

Burberry trench coat from an ad in 1974

JOHN CUSACK (LLOYD DOBLER) BROWN TRENCH COAT: This coat remains a top choice ever since John Cusack wore it in his film Say Anything. This casual and left-open style is for a cool and effortless look. This trench is the quintessence of a style statement. With its practical and stylish look, it gives you everything to simply fall in love with it. This trench owns all the detailing and is the definitive version that last in our memory forever and ever.

John cusack in a brown trench coat in the movie 'Say anything'

BANANA REPUBLIC BLACK TRENCH COAT: When you look for something that is less classic and more contemporary, this trench coat is the one to top the list. This classic black trench coat by Banana Republic promptly makes everything seem more put-together and graceful. It owns a classic structured style and is equivalent of good posture. The elegant color speaks volumes of itself. This gem of the trench coat makes any outfit stylish in seconds. This archetypal trench is aptly sophisticated and a great fit. The apposite length of the coat with its classic fabric and boxy fit makes it worth mentioning on the list of timeless and ageless trench coats.

Banana republic black trench coat

CARMEN SAN DIEGO KHAKI TRENCH COAT: This classic trench coat with double-breast style, shoulder epaulets and the tortoiseshell buttons, make it an everlasting trench. The extraordinary tailoring gives it a super-cozy look. This is one of the chicest and coolest styles with its flared silhouette. It is never too late to pick this stylish trench for recreating a fabulous look. The whole idea behind this coat is to bring forth a more elegant look by diminishing the rough military feel beautifully. You are free to experiment with this classic element. If you know the fashion history of this staple, you would know it was invented for great styling.


TRENCH COAT BY DIOR: This trendy trench is a great choice for layering up little lightly, comfortably and beautifully. The classic trend from Dior always leaves its mark whenever you see it. It creatively and artistically brings out the best in the regular stuff. The trench coat always adapts to the seasonal transition and stays in the limelight for its iconic design. This trench coat has unquestionably stood the test of time because of its outlining features. It adds a little more bling to the look. Dior trench coat can claim to be the best cover up for almost any fashion style.

Nathalie Portman in a Dior trench coat

ZARA COTTON TRENCH COAT:This awesome trench suits every style and taste. Tailored seamlessly, this multi-purpose trench is enough to strike and win your heart. This coat has evolved over years to become iconic style statement. The silhouette, length, color and material of this trench is best when it comes to appropriate and hot styling. This is the uniquely designed trench ever made. Whenever trench coats are mentioned, this cotton trench coat by Zara is an essential wardrobe item and is likely to appear on the list nine times out of ten. It makes sure that you walk in style when you wear this fashionable coat. 

Zara trench coat budget style

When winters fade and leave behind their loving chill, the discussion about classic trench coats become hot. This is the best time of the year to know the most popular and loved trench coats that walked the history of evolving trench. Every fashion freak loves owing this trendy piece of clothing in her wardrobe. From classic to modern, to slightly wacky, the above mentioned trench coats are the ultimate choice for the best coats ever designed. They have become a significant inventory to the wardrobe ever since they strike the fashion world. 

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