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Trench Coats: The Top 10 Celebs Who Know How To Wear It

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Trench Coats: A Timeless Fashion Statement; The Top Ten Celebrities Who Know How to Wear It 

You need a trench coat and you need it now! Trench coats are the perfect clothing accessory for what ever fashion you’re rockin’ this spring. From a chic and sophisticated night on the town to a lazy Saturday morning stroll, trench coats are great for keeping you warm on windy days and looking hot all the time. The fashion staple is a favorite among celebrities and has been for years, from Goldie Hawn to Julia Roberts. Since their first real appearance in the early 1800s trench coats have more or less remained true to their original design, not a common occurrence in the constantly shifting world of fashion trends. Below is our list of the ten celebrities who wore it best, many of whom shaped the iconic image of the trench coat itself.

Angelina Jolie

Known for being America’s bombshell in the late 90s and early 00s, Angelina Jolie is still as active and attractive today, at 40 with six children, as she ever was in her twenties and thirties. While enjoying her active lifestyle, Jolie has often been photographed in different trench coats when catching a plane or on the run. Known for her affinity for Burberry trench coats, one of the most well known and oldest trench coat designers in the world, Jolie has been seen wearing the high class designer’s coats with jeans and boots, as well as leggings and heels. Angelina has been spotted in Khaki Burberry trench coats while at the airport, and grey Burberrys during events. 

Angelina Jolie - trench coat

Emma Watson

Perhaps best remembered for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, Emma Watson is all grown up, now twenty-six, and has been considered somewhat of a fashion guru by many of her fans for years. Like Jolie, the first spot on our list, Watson has a love of Burberry’s trenches, but tends to prefer a modern and punk style of the overcoat than the more traditional one often worn by Jolie. Watson most famously wore a black studded khaki Burberry with a matching black knight bag, short dress, fishnet stockings, and lace up combat boots, while showcasing her new pixie style haircut in 2010.

Emma Watson - trench coat

Humphrey Bogart

Trench coats are not just a fashion for women and one of those most responsible for the pieces eternal inclusion in trendy wardrobes everywhere was a man, the king of cool himself, Mr. Humphrey Bogart. One of the most iconic images of the actor is on the set of Casablanca, a film many consider among the greatest of all time, with co-star Ingrid Bergman, both of them in fitted trench coats. In the film, Bogart set the standard for the suit and trench coat combo for men that remains the fashion of businessmen, private detectives, and ultimately anybody who wanted to ooze cool to this very day. 

Humphrey Bogart - trench coat

Taylor Swift

Back to modern times, Taylor Swift, the country queen who recently made her transition to pop has always been a fan of trench coats. Photographed in different lengths and colors of trench coats, from the knee length beige front tie trench worn with open toe heels, to the white calf length trench worn with bright red lip stick and black pumps; it’s safe to say Ms. Swift has a few trench coats in her expansive wardrobe. Taylor’s style choices and sensibilities showcase just how many options you have when picking the right coat for your ensemble. 

Taylor Swift - trench coat

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung has worn many hats, or coats, in the fashion industry. As a model, designer, TV presenter, and contributing editor at British Vogue magazine, Chung has influenced modern fashion in very observable ways, and has always been a wearer of fine trench coats. Seen in the classic khaki Burberry for a simple, elegant look as well as being photographed with a suede version of the coat draped over her shoulders to tease the cute black dress underneath, Chung knows just how to sport the trench for all occasions. 

Alexa Chung - trench coat

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson

Sixth on our list is a two for one, and really you could include the entire cast of the seminal 90s series The X-files here, as it is very likely that every character on the show wore some variation of trench coat at some point on screen. Say what you like, but if it hadn’t been for Anderson and Duchovny’s portrayal of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully and there likeness of the classic khaki and black, tie-in-the front trench, we may have never seen the re-emergence of the style that we did in the grunge generation. The X-files fashion had rockstars and actors like Kurt Cobain, Courtney Cox, Eddy Vedder, and Wesley Snipes all wearing the classic coat. 

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson - trench coat

Selena Gomez

Making waves on the pop scene is easy to do when you know how to make your fashion sense stand out and when it comes to fashion sense Selena Gomez, artist behind hits like Same Old Love and Love You like a Love Song, relies on the classics. Seen in a few different styles of trench coat, Gomez knows just how to use the fashion to accentuate her natural style. Photographed in a stylish black short trench with long boots, and again in a classic khaki trench with brown Uggs when running for her tour bus; Gomez always know just how to make her trench coats work for her. 

Selena Gomez - trench coat

Anne Hathaway

Acting as a conduit for the fashion sense of starlets of the past, Anne Hathaway, new mother and actress known for The Princess Diaries, Interstellar, and The Devil Wears Prada, wears her trench coat with class and sophistication, even when she’s just out walking the dog. Seen in a suede Burberry trench with oversized shades, fitted jeans, turtle neck, and black flats, Hathaway calls to mind vintage actress’ like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. 

Anne Hathaway - trench coat

Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Sherise Dunn is a relatively new face on the British fashion scene but has been making waves since her discovery in 2006. Jourdan began touring international runways in 2007 and was the first black model to walk for Prada in over 12 years. Photographed wearing a white leather Burberry with black sleeves and front zipper, complemented by black leggings and black leather riding boots, Dunn takes the elegant simplicity of the trench coats legacy and combines it perfectly with streamlined modern fashion sensibilities. 

Jourdan Dunn - trench coat

Lou Doillon

Daughter of style guru, fashion icon, actress, and singer Jane Birkin, Lou Doillon, an actress, singer, and model herself, appearing in a plethora of French films and on the American TV series Gossip Girl, had an hereditary fashion sense and through her career that keen style has only sharpened. A fan of longer and thicker trench coats, Doillon was most famously photographed in a beige Burberry trench accentuated with orange leather trim. Lou contrasted the bright hues of the coat by wearing a simple ensemble of all black underneath.

Lou Doillon - trench coat

There you have it, our list of the ten celebrities who rocked the trench coat harder than anyone. Though these are our picks, this list barely grazes all the stars who have worn the essential fashion statement over the years, and as a new generation of celebrities emerges, it doesn’t look like the trench coat’s appeal is going anywhere anytime soon, with famous youngsters like Jaden Smith and Carly Rae Jepsen being spotted out in the timeless overcoat. Whether you wear it with class and style like Taylor Swift and Alexa Chung or to add some cool mystery to your over all aura like David Duchovny and Humphrey Bogart, everyone needs a trench coat, the very essence of a timeless and standard fashion piece, in their wardrobe.

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