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Mens Trench Coats - Summer Colour Trends

Men trench coat summer trends

Mens Trench Coats - Summer Colour Trends

With spring almost behind us, it’s time to focus on the upcoming season’s most popular colour palettes, inspired by designers and fashion houses such as Marc Jacobs, Gucci and Burberry! Just like every year, we’ve got various different colours and shade-groups to choose from including light, pastel colours and more masculine shades.

Brave Yellows
If you are looking for something extravagant to show off your summer tan or just to channel the vibes of the beach feeling that summer instantly brings, yellow is your colour. From celebrities rocking it on the MET gala to street style bloggers appearing to special events, everyone in the fashion industry is obsessed with the different shades of yellow. For beginners, we recommend going with a darker mustard colour as it looks amazing with brown colours, but if you are a huge fan of vivid shades, go for the bolder yellows!


Brave yellow - summer colour trend

Earth Toned
Does your closet mostly consist of browns and greys? Then the monochrome, earth-toned trend was made for you! With the lighter, dusty brown and beige shades to the darker chocolate browns and even smokey blacks, this trend will help you create an effortlessly masculine wardrobe in seconds. To twist things up a bit, we recommend experimenting with patterned shirts and T-shirts, such as this botanical printed one.

Earth toned - summer colour trend

Pastel Blues
Blue is a must-have colour in everyone’s closet, but with these new, lighter pastel shades, you can easily create a new, summer-inspired trend! Ditch the vivid royal blue this season and go for something softer that can be matched with a grey or black trench coat, which will keep you warm during the chilly, rainy summer nights!

Pastel blue - summer colour trend

Green Vibes
Whether you have pale or olive skin, blonde or brown hair, grey or almost black eyes, green is a great choice for every skin, hair and eye tone and can be perfectly matched to either cool or warm undertone outfits…is there anything else we can say about this absolutely practical colour? Rock this season’s favourite greens with beige or grey trench coats and a modern tote bag and you are good to go!

Pastel green - summer colour trend

Trench coats for the summer?
As you can see, we added a trench coat for every outfit to make sure you don’t forget the essential summer jacket to keep you warm and cozy during the rainy and windy nights. Because of their unique fabric and clever design, trench coats will keep you sheltered from the rain without making you boil during the warmer days, ensuring comfort and 100% practicality…not to mention, it has such a timelessly classy design that it can be worn anytime for any event. Sounds great to us!

Our summer favourites from our collection:

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