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Iconic Trench Coats As Seen On Television

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Hollywood has been endlessly producing magnum opuses for decades now, but of all such relics what straightaway make us fall in love are the outfits worn by the protagonists in those high-end movies. For all of us who adore elegantly-tailored ensembles, television and movies are in some way the best inspiration. From dazzling evening wears to the greatest trench coats as seen on television/movies, there are many unforgettable masterworks that have gained iconic status.

Trench coats among all other apparels have somehow remained more attention-grabbing from the films and various series. Countless Hollywood characters have worn trench coats to add elegance and abstemiousness to their personas. Trench coats have withstood the test of time for being an ultimate iconic fashion statement. From the era of black and white cinema to the current over-the-top movies, they have trailed through impeccably. 

This list comprises of the greatest trench coat outfits as seen on television/movies:

Elsa from Casablanca:

The scene in the movie, Casablanca, where Ingrid Bergman is cladded into an iconic trench coat is unquestionably the most well-known scene of all times that broke our hearts the same moment. However, her conquest to escape from the Nazis along with her incessant pain of leaving behind her true love made it obligatory to put on apparel that reflects secrecy. The remarkable trench coat and hat worn by Bergman throughout the movie introduced an overall charisma in her persona. To make her character more memorable, Elsa wore the similar outfit as that of her much-loved beau, Rick, in the final scene that revealed the strength of bond between the two of them. This romantic tryst of the Hollywood with trench coats had been the most extraordinary.

Trench else casablanca

Miranda from The Devil Wears Prada:

Everyone dropped their jaws when they found out satanic Miranda dressed in a Donna Karen trench coat in the movie The Devil Wears Prada. Meryl Steep did wonders in that apparel and looked admirable in her costume. The coat ended up giving her a look and style that none of the devil can surpass. The apogee of refined elegance was reached by Steep when she slipped in that trench. The coat was classic and matched the outlay of the film throughout. Meryl Steep ascertained in the movie that she is the real personification of an ultimate chic. The role of satanic Miranda has emulated her personal style to an extent when she sported the Donna Karen trench.

Trench coat Miranda Devil wears Prada

Castiel from Supernatural: 

The creator of this TV series, Eric Kripke wanted to match the look of John Constantine, 'a comic character’ who was a fervent trench coat wearer. Therefore, Kripke had the special trench designed for Misha to put on while playing the role of Castiel in Supernatural. When Misha had only tried the first trench from the wardrobe in Vancouver, he was not aware of the fact that it will be his everlasting costume. At the end of the day, the trench coat became a symbol of Castiel’s grace and status. The trench came out as a staple of Supernatural making us long for it whenever we see it.

Trench coat Castiel from supernatural

Col. Hans from Inglorious Basterds:

In 2009, when Austrian actor Christoph Waltz wore an outstanding Nazi leather trench coat in Inglorious Basterds, he instantaneously won numerous hearts. In the starring role of Nazi colonel- Hans Landa, Waltz wore an awe-inspiring trench in the introductory scene of the film where he is debriefing suspected Jew-harborer Perrier LaPadite. When he appeared in the farm of LaPadite donning his SS trench coat, the superficial balminess of his character with a seamless trace of menace and astuteness could be felt by anyone. The character earned him an Oscar award for Best Supporting Actor and he would have undoubtedly acknowledged his trench for adding that gravitas. Trench coats have become an emblem of mysterious characters ever since.

Trench colonol inglorious bastards

Kyle Reese from The Terminator: 

When Michael Biehn came on-screen garbed in his trench as a time-travelling soldier from The Terminator; he became a style-icon for many. Unlike the Terminator series where time travellers were travelling naked, Reese was seen wearing a pair of Nike Vandals and a stylish trench in The Terminator. Not only that he managed to live up to the idea of Sarah’s dream partner in that trench, he indisputably took away our breaths as well. When he and Sarah were combating the Terminator, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, there were times when we could not take off our eyes from Reese cladded in a trench.

trench coat kyle reese from terminator

Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

It was a well needed change when Audrey Hepburn played the role of call girl Holly Golightly unlike her previous roles of princess and chauffeur’s daughter. Among her other gorgeous and elegant apparels designed for the movie, the actress made her beige trench coat immortal that she wore in the final scene. She paired that spectacular and exquisite trench coat with a polo t-shirt, herringbone skirt and a head scarf. The ever-so-chic trench coat made the rain-kissing scene of George Peppard and Audrey Hepburn light up the silver screen and made certain that Hollywood’s romance with the trench will always remain anew.

Trench coat from Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Detective Lt. William Somerset from Se7en:

In 1995, David Fincher’s critically acclaimed movie, Se7en, portrayed Morgan Freeman as a retiring detective that sported a classic trench coat to add intricacies into his character. The connection between a detective and his trench is deeply-rooted and has a long history of always staying together. In Se7en as well, trench helped the detective William Somerset to acquaint with the scheming credentials of his character. And to double the excitement and complement his partner, the entering detective David Mills also wore an all-leather trench. Although his trench coat was edgier in contrast to the one garbed by Somerset, both were strikingly projecting the detective outlook in the movie.

Trench coat William Somerset from Se7en

Uncle Fester from The Addams Family:

A film by Barry Sonnenfeld, 'The Addams Family’ that came out in the year 1991 made Christopher Lloyd a star overnight. Lloyd as a hairless 'Uncle Fester’ attracted many when he donned an all-black trench coat. But surprisingly the oversized trench was intended to conceal his fat suit under it. The suit was actually gifted to Lloyd by Bruno Kirby who had worn the suit himself in The Godfather to add fat around his body. Nothing could have suited Lloyd in his character of Uncle Fester more than that trench. His overall look included dark purple rings around both eyes and the iconic trench making the character unforgettable.

Trench coat - uncle fester addam's family

Dr. Malcolm Crowe from The Sixth Sense:

1999 blockbuster The Sixth Sense introduced Bruce Willis as a psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe who was seen in an unsetting trench coat. The coat was apposite for the 'horrid noir’ backdrop of the movie. In the world that’s glummer and more psychosomatic, the trench aided a feel of perfect eerie and efficaciously channeled the inner paranormal detective of Dr. Crowe. The get-up would have felt piecemeal without that trench which was adding suspicion to the character throughout the movie. It was only at the end of the film that the big revelation was made. The coat was successful in enhancing the minutiae and semblance of Dr. Crowe. This movie by M. Night Shyamalan will always be remembered for stylized place that was uncanny than real life, but reference to the trench that Dr. Crowe presented will also remain integral with its name.

Trench coat Malcolm Crowe from The Sixth Sense:

These Hollywood relics have really done an exemplary job of capturing the trench-cladded fascination in the frames for us to cherish forever. From the female and male protagonists to the superheroes and detectives, the trench coats wore by all of them will always remain the most memorable and the greatest trench coat outfits ever seen on television/movies. Trench coats have been experiencing endless transformations since the beginning of their journey but still continue to be the part and parcel of innumerable movies and TV series.

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