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The 6 bravest and most iconic Burberry trench coat designs

burberry emerald peacock fashion luxurious python nude feather pastel studded glam styling trench coat

As much as we love the classy, basic clothing items that can be matched with everything, we are also deeply in love with one of a kind designs and breathtaking detailing! To celebrate the designers’ creativity and unique visions, the post shares the most iconic and daring Burberry trench coat designs!

Pastel Wonderland
One of Burberry’s most luxurious and feminine pieces has to be this gem embellished, pastel blue coat, which was seen bot hon the runway and on various famous bloggers and celebrities. The popularity of this coat is not a huge secret – while the designers kept the classic design, they added luxurious, powder colored lace and delicate gem details to make this coat truly outstanding.

Burberry trench coat pastel

Emerald Peacock
Continuing our list of crazy Burberry fantasies, this peacock trench coat with the emerald and royal blue satin ribbons and collar is a must-have on our list. The coat was one of the highlights of the 2012 Burberry campaign, where the topmodels pulled off the look with gorgeous high heels. If the concept wasn’t shocking enough, the price absolutely is: this peacock-dream retailed for over 22,000 dollars.

Burberry trench coat emerald peacock

Nude Feather
If the colorful peacock is too bold for your taste and wardrobe, you will definitely fall in love with this shell colored feather Burberry coat, which has the same design and vision as its green sister. Keeping the classic beige Burberry color and the double-breasted design, this coat incorporates the traditional coat trend with a very unique solution from the waist down.

Burberry trench coat nude feather

Drama Queen
This black, double-breasted Burberry with the black, metallic python print and black, crushed sequins detailing is the definition of drama in the fashion world and would be perfect with a blush colored or powder blue lace dress! The contrast of the fabrics and the gorgeous, “falling” design of the black sequins made us want this coat, as soon as possible.

Burberry trench coat drama queen

Studded Glam
Show off your edgy and bold side of our style with one of the studded trench coats! Embellished with golden studs on the collar and sleeves, these coats look chic and a bit tomboy at the same time. Amongst all the unique Burberrys, this was probably the most popular: we have seen Emma Watson, Kim Kardashian and Olivia Palermo rock this style with similarly edgy accessories (such as leather pants and black hats).

Burberry trench coat studded glam

Luxurious Python
The python trend was huge in 2011 at Burberry – and besides the iconic, studded python jacket, the designers have also created a gold, metallic all-over printed trench coat version as well, which looks just as beautiful. Just like the feather trench coats, it was a limited edition version as well with a huge price tag, and was designed for the braver celebrities and supermodels, who showed off their animal print trench wearing simple dresses and designer tote bags.

Burberry trench coat luxurious python

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