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6 Reasons to Rock Colorful Trench Coats

Whether you are already welcoming the 2016 spring season or simply want to take a colorful twist on your wardrobe and style, colorful trench coats offer an instant, chic solution!

6 Reasons to Wear Colorful Trench Coats during Spring 2016:

Show off your personal style
Besides the playfulness and extra attention a bright trench coat can attract, it is also an amazing way to show everyone your personality and style. While an all-black or all-white outfit can be too simple or „popular”(although we still adore and find monochromatic outfits instantly chic), the color you choose to wear can tell a lot about yourself – so why not grab the opportunity to show it to everyone?

Burberry colour trench coat campaign

The perfect fashion remedy
Don’t forget about the psychological effect of the colors… and play with them! Find the shade that will help you get in a better mood and will make you smile anytime you look at it. Our clothing items aren’t only supposed to represent our personal style, but make us feel happy and confident as well, so don’t stop searching until you find the colors that complement your eyes, skin and hair tone and make you feel better while wearing it.

Suitable for any occasion
Whether you would like to create a more interesting everyday wear or make a bold statement on an elegant event, you can’t really go wrong with a vivid trench coat. Although they are definitely more vibrant and noticeable colors, they can be dressed down to create a casual (with a black sweater and ripped jeans) look or dressed up to complement a business casual (pencil skirt and a pastel shirt), or absolutely formal (with an A-line dress or long gown) look.

Quote: life is too short to wear boring clothes

Create a more stylish outfit…
Even if you are wearing the most simple white T-shirt and boyfriend jeans combination, a colorful trench coat will instantly add a very chic and playful edge to your look. And the best part? It is super simple to wear – you can easily just throw it on if you feel your outfit needs a bit of extra chic to it without the need to rethink your outfit or change any clothing items.

… and wardrobe
A colorful coat can be the perfect accessory for a closet mainly based on natural shades such as beige, white, grey, black and brown. Without rethinking your whole style and redesigning your wardrobe, a coat can add just enough pop of a color to your personal style.

Colourfol trench coat

Stand out from the crowd
It’s always fun to see someone wearing a bright and bold color in the crowd of grey coats in a grey city. A green, red or bright vintage blue trench coat feel give you that extraordinary fashionista feel and make you stand out from the crowd…and it will also make you feel super confident.

Be sure to check out our colourful trenches as well, like this red beauty:

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