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About Us

Welcome to our shop JomaDesignerVintage!

We started this webshop in December 2015 with the idea that a Burberry trench coat should be available for every budget ($150-$300).
As most of you will know a new Burberry trench coat can cost up to $1500-$2000, which is just too much to ask for a lot of people.

The Burberry trench coats are known for their top quality, which is especially true with the Burberrys (Burberry changed their name in 1998 from Burberrys) trench coats from pre 1999, those were made almost entirely in the UK, while most of the current trench coats are produced in Turkey, Italy and China.

We try to find the best old Burberrys coats and clean them up (hand cleaned!), refurbish and repair them if necessary and give them a bit more modern look by shorten them to mid thigh length. All coats are dry-cleaned and ready to wear, remember these are all vintage products so you may have the odd tiny blemish / faint mark if you look really hard.
Every coat is a unique example and sizes could differ, so please be sure to check the exact measurements in the description.

We ship our products worldwide and should be able to ship most of our coats within 2 business days.
If there are any questions or if you want to see more pictures of the product, please feel free to ask us!

Maurice, webmaster/customer support

Jos, designer/photographer