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Are the coats authentic?

Yes all coats are authentic Burberry coats. 

Are the coats used before?

All coats are vintage coats, which means they are usually 20+ years old and used before. We have cleaned and refurbished them so they are in excellent condition.

Can I return a coat?

Please check out our return policy here:

Do you have a shop where I can try them on?

To keep our cost (and our prices) as low as possible we don't have a store, but only sell online. 

What currency are the prices in your shop?

All of our prices are in US dollars.

When will I receive my trench coat?

We try to ship every coat within 24 hours. Dependent on where you live you will receive the coat within:

UK: 1-3 business days

Western Europe: 2-4 business days

Eastern Europe: 3-5 business days

US/Canada: 4-5 business days

What are the shipping costs?

We offer free shipping within Europe and to the US and Canada, all other locations we charge $20 shipping fee.

Are there any reviews available?

We have started JomaDesignerVintage in december 2015, so we don't have received much reviewed yet. We do have a couple which are currently only viewable on a desktop computer (left sidebar).

We do encourage anyone to write a review about our coats on their blog/social media/youtube channel. We happily provide a discount coupon for future purchases for any (honest) review.

If you do have a related fashion blog/youtube channel and would like to do a review, please contact us!