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History of the Trench Coat

A trench coat is one of the most iconic pieces of clothing out there. In order to buy one, you'll have to know a bit about it's history.


Joma Designer Vintage Burberry Trench Guide

Burberry trench coats are a huge trend at the moment, and with their history going back to 160 years, they have become one of the fashion history’s most iconic pieces. While finding the perfect one, there are many questions that can come in to your head from the reason of their popularity and story to where to buy them and how to spot out fake Burberry coats, and with this trench coat guide, we are helping you explore everything about the iconic trench style.

The History of Burberry Coats: From 1850 to Nowadays

The history of trench coats and the fashion house Burberry goes back to the 1850’s, when Thomas Burberry, the founder of the later amazingly popular fashion brand opened his first shop dedicated to outerwear in Basingstoke. Only a decade later, Burberry coats have become a big part of the outwear fashion and a big competitor for another company selling raincoats, Aquascutum. One of the biggest differences was the material of the coats: while Thomas Burberry gathered his inspiration from his childhood spent on the countryside, he created more lightweight, breathable and water resistant pieces, while Auqascutum’s pieces were more heavy and rubberized. The innovation of the design and material made Burberry trench coats truly one of a kind and insanely popular even at the end of the century, but the prosper of trench coats came with the First and Second World Wars.

 Thomas Burberry 1850

Because of the delicate, yet still sturdy materials and Thomas’ special design approach and vision, the Burberry trench coats were worn by English and French officers and soldiers during the wars: while the fine cotton guaranteed a warm and light coat, the buckles and straps around the coat made it more practical than the usual button-solutions. The coats used in the wars were available in different lengths) and colours, such as navy blue, sand, olive and khaki and grey. Alongside its featured elements, these coats also came with waterproof materials and large pockets which were ideal to store maps and other equipment.

Burberrys Gabardine combine

After the First WW, the Burberry trench coats followed their way to the Second World War as well, where officers of the United Kingdom continued wearing these pieces and the popularity of the coats spread into different countries as well, such as Greece, Germany, Belgium and Poland. From the 1950’s, the coat kept its popularity through the decades and after the wars, it has become a fashion statement adored by millions all around the world and is one of today’s most fashionable clothing items as well.

 Burberry store

What makes a trench coat a trench coat?

By its original „definition”, a trench coat is a raincoat made from a waterproof material, such as poplin, leather or special cotton – although the Burberry ones tend to be made from cotton 90% of the times, leather ones are also quite popular pieces on the fashion market. Besides the material that makes it water resistant, trench coats are usually longer coats (from just above the ankle to knee-length) and are traditionally double-breasted with 8-10 buttons. The classic trench coats also feature storm pockets, sleeves straps and a belt with D-rings which slims down the waist and straps around the wrists.

Burberry trench coat design

According to the history of these coats, the very first Burberrys were made from special, Egyptian cotton which made the coat not only waterproof and therefore perfect the rainy British days, but very lightweight as well. Since then, limited collection pieces come in various other fabrics as well, such as leather, lace and even feathers.
Regarding their colour and embroidery, we can now buy high-quality, luxurious trench coats in lots of colour, including classic colours, such as black, beige and navy, and more bold shades, such as baby blue, pastel pink, vivid red and multicolour. If you are looking for something truly special with that classic trench coat design, choose one with python, gemstone, stud, crystal or feather detailing.

Borberry trench coat material

Trench Coat Sizing
With trench coats, sizing can be quite tricky sometimes – are they true to size, can we layer underneath it, won’t it look too big on the waist or the shoulders?
Burberry currently produces 10 different sizes (from Size 32-50 or UK Size 0-18) to make sure their products fit everyone from 58cm waistline to 90cm, regardless of shape and size. During the 1980’s, Burberry also started manufacturing children’s clothing as well, including the iconic Burberry trench coats. Due to the design of the trench coats, you can layer under them no matter what the weather is, a simple T-shirt and a blouse with a thick cardigan will look just as good with it.














































(source – Burberry Official Website)

 To ensure you get the right sizing that fits both your arms, waist, bust, hips and is the perfect length as well, make sure to always double check before purchasing.

Where To Buy Trench Coats
Because of their popularity, trench coats can be found almost everywhere, but if you are looking for high-quality pieces that can stick with you for long years or even decades, it’s better to spend time with research and find the right source to get the perfect piece. Instead of purchasing the first coat with the best price, take time to make sure it is authentic and is worth the money, because as a coat with a timeless and classy design, it will probably never go out of style. Besides the official Burberry stores and websites where you can both order online or purchase them in store, there are various high-end stockists, and we can of course absolutely recommend our website, JomaDesignerVintage as a source of quality, vintage trench coats.

Burberry package

Our site, launched in 2015 December, only features very high-quality, great condition trench coats. We respect both the designs and history of the trench coats as well as our customers and making sure every coat that is on our site is high quality and reasonably priced. Joma Designer Burberry vintage trench coats range from 150$-300$, guaranteeing a very affordable price for such amazing and iconic pieces (unlike the original 1,500-3,000$ prices). We carry coats in different lengths and colours, such as pink, red, navy and beige, and we both carry women and menswear options. Besides the great quality that makes the coat durable, we also guarantee low-price worldwide shipping and that the coats arrive clean and repaired for the customers, making sure you can enjoy wearing it right away!

Spotting out Fake Burberry Trench Coats
Before investing in such a gorgeous piece that will become a statement coat in your wardrobe, you definitely want to make sure the coat is authentic and not fake, and although it can be hard without a professional, there are some key elements that will easily give it away and will ensure you if the coat is fake or not (another advantage of Joma design is that you don’t have to worry about this issue – we can guarantee the Burberry coats are 100% original and vintage, but if you have any other questions, we are happy to further assist you).

Traditional Burberry Pattern: Burberry pieces are usually known from their famous, traditional check prints, which although can be found in various items from bags to coats, skirts and accessories, never change their form, so make sure to keep an eye out on the plaid pattern and compare it to a genuine Burberry piece.

Quality: The biggest difference between authentic and fake pieces is the quality, which can be easily spotted out without being an expert as well. The original Burberry pieces are made from very sturdy and durable, yet still light materials which feel very luxurious just by the touch – and this is mainly the reason for the higher price tag besides the name of the famous brand. Even if you wear them for longer period of times, they will only show a very little sign of being worn, and this is another reason why vintage Burberry items are worth the purchase. Although it is difficult to see the quality from the pictures, once the coat reaches you, it will be easier to figure out if it was really worth the purchase. Similarly to the fabric of the coat, the hardware on each clothing item is made from very high-quality material as well, so if you spot a cheaper, plastic-like hardware on any Burberry piece, check the other signs.

Suitable For Any Season – The Versatility of Trench Coats

After purchasing the trench coat of your dreams, you might not be sure when or how to style it according to the weather, but because of the special fabrics and waterproof design, this coat can almost be worn anytime from spring throughout the winter, depending on where you live.
For mild weather (such as during the spring), this coat is perfect for a blouse and a scarf that will keep you protected from the wind. One of the Burberry trench coats’ biggest advantages is that it almost adapts to any weather and won’t keep you too warm, but will just keep you protected from the first, chilly and windy days of spring. For colder days, style it with a chunky knit sweater or layer up a shirt and a wool cardigan, and make sure to button the coat! If you live in rainy areas (such as the United Kingdom), these trench coats are absolute must-haves for you as they are water resistant.

Burberry water resistent

Another great thing about these coats is that they can be worn during any weather, to any occasion. Style-wise, these are very practical pieces: because of their unique and timeless design, you can not go wrong with them, whether you are looking for a casual or formal solution. For busy everydays, simply put on a white T-shirt and high waisted jeans, and for special occasions, choose a unique colour (like the blush pink or bright red) and wear it with a little black dress.

Burberry logo