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Mens Coat - Mens BURBERRY Bespoke Short Trench Coat Mac Beige - Size UK/USA 46/48 XL


Mens BURBERRY bespoke short trench coat mac beige - size UK/USA 46/48 XL


Mens BURBERRY Bespoke Short Belted TRENCH Coat Mac Beige size UK/USA 46 / 48

Mens Burberry London Belted Trench Overcoat / Mac

Labelled Size 42. Quite a Large fitting 42, would probably best fit a modern UK 46/48.

This is a 100% genuine vintage Burberry Trench Coat, made in England!

Labeled Burberrys, Burberrys changed their marketing name to Burberry in 1998.

Coat doesn’t have a date of production,  all we know is that the coat was made before 1998.

Burberrys trench coats from the eighties/nineties were famous for their timeless and top quality fabric.

Nowadays the short trench coats are very popular, so this coat has been customized / updated, to a modern short trench coat.

Professionally altered by our Master Tailor;

- Cut to the modern look, mid thigh length, impeccable finish!

- From leftovers lining jacket, our tailor altered the nova check to back on the  collar, which looks really  fantastic when collar is turned up. If you look at the  stitching on the photographs, you can see it’s a top quality finish.

-Original belt was missing so replacement has been made from leftover fabric  from this jacket, so is a  perfect match. Can still be belted up the  conventional way if required but does not have belt holes or buckle prong.

Superb condition. Lining perfectly clean. Professionally dry-cleaned and ready to wear. This is a vintage Burberry so may have the odd tiny blemish / faint mark if you look really hard. To the naked eye the jacket looks amazing.
Features...cotton/polyester, Double Breasted. belted waist, shoulder lapels, cuff buckle straps (buckles missing prongs). classic nova check lining and nova check to back of collar.


a = 25.5 inch, 65 cms (underarm to underarm, measured at FRONT)
b = 17.5 inch, 45 cms (underarm seam to cuff, measured at FRONT)
c = 23 inch, 59 cms (shoulder to cuff, measured at FRONT)
e = 20 inch, 51 cms (across shoulders, measured from outside edge of each shoulder lapel)
f = 35 inch, 89 cms (length, excluding collar, from nape of neck to hem, measured at BACK)


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